• October 23, 2021

Vihara Collection By Paksha

The pinnacle of opulent jewellery 

With the season of festivities fast approaching, renowned jewellery label Paksha by Tarinika unveils their flagship collection Vīhāra. Paksha, known for its exquisite high-quality 925 silver jewellery that serves a global audience, unveils a classic, traditional, and unique collection inspired by India’s rich history of jewelry-making traditions and grandeur. The splendid collection Vīhāra [meaning: a holy place] is meant for the dreamiest of occasions and is sure to add a note of subdued glamour to any festive look. These coveted creations are intended to make one feel like royalty and help cherish treasured moments of gaiety. Vīhāra which means to celebrate “joy” could be an ideal collection for a wedding guest, the bride, sister, a special someone, or a grandmother.

This distinct collection features spring jewel tones inlaid with sparkly lab grown diamonds for a pop of colour, translating iconic designs into stunning jewellery to suit traditional sensibilities. A true mark of elegance, each cherished masterpiece is set against the picturesque backdrop of gold-plated 925 silver,semi-precious kempu and adorned with gemstones and freshwater pearls. These designs strike a vibrant yet elegant vibe to elevate any ensemble. Generational karigars and industry specialists were hired from Jaipur, to bring this remarkable work of art to life.

Revel in the celebratory fervor by adorning these diamond delights by Paksha and let festivities become a dazzling affair.

Price: INR. 4,000.00 to INR 60,000.00

Availability: http://www.paksha.com

About Paksha: Paksha is an elegant silver jewelry brand catering to a wide audience around the world. The brand makes classic, traditional and innovative collections inspired by the rich history of jewelry & grandeur in India. The journey of Paksha started with an aim to introduce high quality 925 silver jewelry into the market as a competition for luxury products. The brand owners have been in the business of jewellery making for several years. With Paksha, they aim to adorn the world with meticulously produced high-quality silver jewellery; to promote happy and celebratory occasions, crafting memories with heirlooms. With a reliable team of master craftsmen, artisans, production team, high technology tooling & facilities – Paksha stands on a unique vertically integrated foundation, where all aspects of the product journey are possible in-house. This makes the brand cost competitive, while also being able to provide unmatched quality. With Tarinika, the founding company has also been in the business of serving & shipping to clients globally and is able to extend that expertise into Paksha.

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