• January 19, 2022

Unified Health Interface to go live this week: R S Sharma

New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI) Unified Health Interface (UHI), which aims to provide access to healthcare services digitally, will go live this week, National Health Authority CEO R S Sharma said on Tuesday.

Sharma added that he expects UHI to become as successful as UPI is for payments.

“UHI is going live this week. Now, we are contributing to the entire community to give comments. I hope that it will become as successful as UPI. All the existing solutions will continue to work.

“Not only will they continue to work, but there will also be huge scope for start-ups and new solution providers to come in. We will also host many solutions as software-as-a-service. Many things will happen,” Sharma said while speaking at an IAMAI webinar.

He added that there will be a challenge towards digitisation of health records and there is a need to ensure that the health records are made easily accessible to doctors.

“It is about changing habits. We are going to provide a number of tools that will make it easy for doctors to also become digital and more productive,” Sharma said.

UHI will enable patients to connect with doctors of their choice through any app compatible with it, share health information and receive health reports.

Sharma said the privacy of users has been in-built in the concept of the UHI system without compromising on the functionality of the interface.

He added that there is a need to build a partnership ecosystem with the private sector and public sector and deliver better healthcare for citizens of the country. PTI PRS HRS hrs

source: PTI News

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