• November 29, 2021

Top 5 Digital Agencies augmenting consumer experience and brand loyalty through their services

Gone are the days when marketing focused only on the product benefits presented through the ad jingles. Now in the rapidly advancing digital age, marketing is done through storytelling that is being aggressively leveraged by the brands to convey their messaging to the consumers in a much more impactful manner. And not to forget, this digital storytelling has taken over all forms of marketing as designing content with an emotional connect works better to capture consumer attention.

These days, it is quite often that we see or hear consumers advocating their favorite products with an open heart on the Internet. And while a lot goes into promoting the brands in the manner that consumer’s fall in love with them, the role digital content plays in building brand loyalties is quite significant. Brand loyalty is largely dependent on how brands treat their customers and the experience they offer, digital services and strategies too play a significant role in augmenting consumer experience and in turn increasing brand loyalty.

Here are 5 top digital agencies that are amplifying the user experience and instilling brand loyalty through their avant-garde offerings:

ODN – In late 2015, ODN Digital was born with an aim to impart digital transformation to brands with a rich experience in online marketing, e-commerce and retail. ODN Digital provides solutions that range from photo-shoots to listing to marketing graphics to managing social media – everything that can be seen on opening an e-commerce website or social handles. The ‘all-in-one’ content creation expertise provided by the company is currently used by hundreds of marketplaces and brands around the world to build millions of pro-quality articles content.

Since inception, ODN Digital has been helping companies build tech tools to disseminate product information accurately and effectively across their offices in various countries and marketplaces thereof. Additionally ODN Digital helps its customers by focusing on speed, a pro-active customer-centric approach, and removing all the technical hassles involved in content delivery.

Shutter Cast – Shutter Cast started around 4 years ago as a side project, when Amol was unable to find any reliable website developers for his work. Since then, the team has been working tirelessly to bring the latest technology to startups and offering a gamut of services for their operations. Shutter Cast started with website development but has now expanded into a one-stop solution for all startups in the industry. They want to be recognized as the best and most transparent digital marketing agency in the industry. The startup boasts a prestigious clientele in the markets which are the oldest ones and have helped SC scale since its inception- Nish Hair, Gifting Best Wishes, Fkitchens, Infini AI etc.

B2B Sales Arrow – B2B Sales Arrow is built on ten fundamental core values that act as an internal compass and influence decision-making at every level. This organization, since its inception in 2012, has worked with multi-billion-dollar clients in US, Europe, and APAC, delivering B2B projects focusing on Virtual Events, Media Production, Demand Generation, and bespoke Market Research. Its founder and CEO, Paras Lohani deeply believes and makes every sincere effort in creating a vibrant culture blossoming with professionals who believe in the core values.

During the pandemic, powered by the robust culture of growth & knowledge, the organization has experimented with new offerings and successfully pivoted towards the business model that worked out.  As a result, B2B Sales Arrow has grown by 40 % and in the process created high quality employment for talented professionals even during the time of global economic crisis.

ET Medialabs – It is a leading Digital Marketing & Analytics Company in India specializing in delivering business growth using Digital Marketing, Data & AI. It is both a Google premier partner & FB Marketing partner. The leadership at ET Medialabs consists of seasoned professionals from the IITs and IIMs with 10 plus years of experience. They have a unique set of skills knit together by a client-focused approach and sharpened by years of experience in the industry. Over the years, ET Medialabs has worked with popular internet brands, including CRED, Grofers, Licious, The Urban Company, Forest Essentials, Good Earth, and Lenskart, helping them ensure a wider reach through digital advertising.

ADLOID – ADLOID is a pioneer in 3D visualization and Augmented Reality technology.  Using its proprietary 2D to 3D offerings, it is enabling large enterprises to create virtual shopping experiences for their customers. ADLOIDs plug and play products are transforming the customer experience for Automotive, Home Decor and Lifestyle/Fashion segments across the world.

At Adloid, a mechanism has been created to meet the needs of enterprise customers in terms of scale and technology requirements. With world-class products on offer and leading in terms of the features supported, the company believes that its rate of customer-retention is considerably high as the team constantly innovates. Innovation enables the company to meet the needs of enterprise customers across multiple sectors without compromising on any features of the AR experience. There are also mechanisms built to make AR mainstream for the customers.

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