• October 23, 2021

This Spring-Summer, Get California Dreaming with Fossil

Introducing Everett & Gabby watches for him & her, respectively

Inspired by California’s ultimate resort destination Palm Springs, Fossil introduces its Gabby & Everett collection. A series of striking three hand watches for him and her that will have you dreaming up that perfect summer get away. As you begin to re-arrange your wardrobe and switch the winter jackets for breezy fits, don’t forget to swap your accessories. Here’s your style guide to incorporating the best of summer into your closet, this season.


An Amalgamation of Sporty Design Meeting Quintessential California Style

In 1972, Gerad Genta changed the watch world by designing one of the most iconic and sought-after watches in the world. He birthed a category known as ‘integrated sports watches.’ These timepieces are identified by their intricate bracelets that become a part of the case without the traditional lugs. Taking inspiration from this very phenomenon, Fossil combined the bold integrated case of the past with their classic vintage DNA to create Everett.

A sophisticated 3 hand timepiece with crisp edges and incredible attention to detail. Available in silver, black and yellow gold stainless steel variations – priced at INR 10,995.


A Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece Paired with Minimalistic Californian Chic Design

As the newest three-hand watch added to Fossil’s assortment, Gabby draws inspiration from the mid-century modern design of Palm Springs’ iconic architecture. Mimicking the city’s minimalistic style, the watch’s H-link bracelet’s geometric design pays homage to the commonly-used breezeway blocks and the structural beams that accent every corridor and entryway throughout the California haven, making it structured yet simplistic in every way.

Featuring soft curves, clean lines and an uncluttered dial the striking 3 hand wrist watches are presented in rose gold, silver, and stainless-steel selections – priced at INR 9,495.

Been California Dreaming? Bring them alive through your wardrobe, with the perfect accessory by Fossil.

Available for purchase athttp://Fossil.in and with other select online and offline partners.

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