• October 28, 2021

This Independence Day EsselWorld, Water Kingdom and EsselWorld Bird Park keep the baton for fighting Covid19 in the hands of Indian Citizens through campaign #IamCoronaFreedomFighter.

Mumbai, 13th August 2021: When India celebrates its 75th Independence Day; we are still not FREE from the clutches of Covid 19We may have the freedom from the British era but don’t have the freedom to move around freely due to the present pandemic. Last year it was the front liners who put their life in danger to safe us and our family for the ill-effects of Corona. EsselWorld, Water Kingdom and EsselWorld Bird Park with the launch of the campaign #IamCoronaFreedomFighter put the baton of India FREE from Corona in the hands of every citizens of India.

With the launch of this campaign EsselWorld, Water Kingdom and EsselWorld Bird Park takes the efforts to inculcate the basics and simple ways to make our nation Corona Mukht Bharat. Our freedom fighters have sacrificed their life for the freedom of our nation and now it’s our turn to be the fighter against Corona and become #IamCoronaFreedomFighter. With the launch of series of social media communication the campaign smartly educates every Indian to be responsible and be a fighter against Corona by following simple steps in their life.

The campaign encourages people to share their fighting spirit to sail through these tough times and to embrace this new normal with enthusiasm. We believe every Indian is a pandemic warrior and should take the responsibility of sweeping the nation FREE from Corona. “Mr. Paresh Mishra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EsselWorld, Water Kingdom and EsselWorld Bird Park.”         

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