• October 22, 2021

The Venya’, A sustainable luxury travel & hospitality company launches with the vision to create personalised experiences through a unique model of fractional ownership of boutique holiday homes and villas

The Venyas first residential address is all set to open in the picturesque mountains of Jalna, Almora and will be up and running by March 2022 with another 40 addresses in the pipeline

Escaping into greener environs has been an interest from people for many years, but has piqued thanks to the pandemic. Add to that the emerging desire to be truly transported to own a holiday home at a comfortable driving distance from your city home, usually nestled in some exotic location, and you have in place the plot on which rests THE VENYA, a symphony of experiences, architecture and cultures that harmoniously blends social responsibility with technology driven living.

Simply put, The Venya answers your desire to recess in peace and also fractionally own a second home in a verdant region, all while helping you make profits from your dream home. The Venya has handpicked an array of beautiful locations with homes designed to complement the natural beauty of its surroundings supported by intelligent technology to re-define the standards of experiences.

Ensuring each home from The Venya is perfection personified in its design, exclusivity, location, views and transformational experience, the project has laid the foundation stone with Jalna, a cozy hamlet in the Almora district of Kumaon in Uttarakhand.

The Venya with its brand philosophy of care, creation and collaboration, aims to deliver the promise of sustainable, refined living. An amalgamation of environment friendly design and world-class services they hold the promise of an intimate, luxurious experience. Privy to the most beautiful Himalayan views, The Venya at Jalna is envisaged as estate development with luxury residential homes that goes beyond one’s imagination and provides the finest epicurean hospitality experiences.

Nestled amidst deodar trees and a lush natural landscape, this boutique property is like a home-stay meets boutique escape for those who prefer a simple, hassle-free but luxuriously comfortable escape. From panoramic Himalayan views to energetic life transforming activities, Uttarakhand has plenty to offer to all types of travelers and sun-seekers.

Numerous researches show that luxury consumption has shifted away from goods and towards experiences such as travel and gastronomy, which grew faster than luxury goods. In tandem with less ostentation, trends also show that luxury consumers seek higher spiritual and emotional motives such as the need for inner fulfilment, creativity, self esteem, belonging and contentedness, thus driving the desire to travel. Consequently, an increasingly important aspect of luxury travel is wellness as travellers accompany their traditional holidays with meditation, yoga, fitness and spa services. Catering for such needs The Venya shares a vision of creating a community of like minded people who link travel to ecology and want to go for escapes that feel Zen like.

Personalisation is at the heart of The Venya, as the brand seeks to offer customised experiences for consumers, particularly appreciated by luxury travellers. Committed to the ecology, the eight well heeled villas at Jalna will be solar powered for operations while the management proposes to give live updates to guests for each property on how much their stay is helping the environment.

The Venya’s creative team blends local produce with global flavors inviting celebrated chefs to create a venerable gastronomic experience. Their intent is also to relook at wellness luxury from a 6th sense that digs deeper into your mind, body and soul.

With creativity at its core The Venya strives to be the most influential luxury group – real estate & hospitality, crafting estates that boast of globally inspired architectural designs amidst the uncompromised beauty of its natural surroundings. The Venya is aiming to create 40 properties across the world as second homes uncompromised in visual appeal, comfort and luxury. The Venya wishes to create a community of like minded people both through online and offline endeavors.

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