• May 28, 2022
 Telangana to set up six more construction and demolition processing plants

Idea is to set up one C&D processing plant for each cluster with a capacity to handle at least 100 tonnes per day.

Hyderabad: Buoyed by the success of Construction and Demolition (C&D) processing plants in Hyderabad, the Telangana government is planning to set up similar plants at different locations by grouping 65 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) into six clusters. Authorities are planning to make the project an economically viable and environmentally sustainable system. The idea is to set up one C&D processing plant for each cluster with a capacity to handle at least 100 tonnes per day. According to officials, about 330 tonnes of waste is generated in the clusters daily.

The plant will be set up at lead ULB along with collection and transportation equipment and vehicles on design, build, finance, operate and transfer basis under public private partnership mode. All the waste generated in the neighbouring ULBs will be transported to the plant in lead ULB and will be processed accordingly.

Currently, there is no scientific disposal mechanism and this is leading to unauthorised dumping of C&D waste on the roadsides, vacant plots or lands. The plan is to have a scientific, viable and cost-effective solution for processing of C&D waste to curb illegal dumping of such waste. Municipal Administration and Urban Development Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar said the modern C&D plants are already operational in Hyderabad.

“We are planning six C&D plants for other ULBs on a cluster approach so as to achieve the economies of scale,” said Kumar. Depending on the location and waste generation, the government will be providing 1 to 3 acres land in the lead ULB municipal limits to set up the plant. The concession period will be for 10 years with a provision for extension of five years. Since there is no mechanism for handling the C&D waste, the government is unable to initiate any action against those dumping the waste illegally. More importantly, the bulk waste generators including contractors and builders will be made to utilise the services of the plant to ensure scientific disposal.

The concessionaire will have to deploy GPS-equipped vehicles for collection and transportation of the waste with a provision for online monitoring system. Both the start and end points of the trips will have to be geo-tagged through GPS to avoid any irregularities. The concessionaire will be paid tipping fee for collection and transportation per tonne waste. This will be again categorised into claimed and unclaimed waste.

2,000 tonnes of waste generated

According to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation officials, nearly 2,000 metric tonnes of C&D waste is being generated in the capital city every day. The processing and recycling plant at Jeedimetla, set up in association with Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, has a capacity to recycle 500 metric tonnes of waste a day. The recycled waste, bricks, sand, paver blocks and other materials, which are useful in construction works, are being manufactured by the company.

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