• October 23, 2021


In the upcoming episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the audience will see that after a good, long vacation, everyone is going back to work. Jethalal too leaves for his shop – Gada Electronics after returning from the resort.

However, when he reaches his shop, he is baffled to see that the entire warehouse is empty. All the electronic goods are missing and there is no indication of what might have happened there while he was away.

He immediately calls up Bagha to find out about the warehouse. However, Bagha too was on holiday with him all this while and is as confused to hear that the warehouse is empty. Completely confused and scared that the shop might have been broken into, Jethaalal calls up his dear friend – Taarak Mehtta. However, Taarak Mehtta himself is in a tough spot with his boss breathing down his neck for turning up late to work.

Without his closest confidant unavailable, Jethaalal’s world begins to spin around him. He has begun to imagine the worst and is unable to think straight. Will Jethaalal be able to handle this crisis all by himself? Without Taarak Mehtta’s advice, Jethaalal is lost and has to find a solution to the problem himself. It will be fun to see how Jethaalal manages to get through this problem or whether he will lead himself into another bigger problem.

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