• October 25, 2021

Soak in the Holi spirit with soulful bhajans by Smt Hema Malini, Bhajan Ratna Shri Kavi Narayan Agrawal, Shri Shankar Mahadevan and Shri Vivek Prakash – “Phagun Mein Shyam Rang Sang” & “Krishna Holi Mein Rang Jao”

Phagun Mein Shyam Rang Sang linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEyedgDLtOY

Krishna Holi Mein Rang Jao linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqn-XHfEn9I

These beautiful duets of Smt Hema Malini and Shri Shankar Mahadevan are definitely going to be a divine experience for the admirers and devotees of Lord Shri Krishna on the occasion of Holi.

This is the sincere hope and wish of poet, Bhajan Ratna Shri Kavi Narayan Agrawal “Das Narayan” who has penned these beautiful lines of both the bhajans.

Smt. Hema Malini is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Kavi Narayan Agarwal “Das Narayan” has also devoted his entire life and art forms to Lord Krishna.

These four doyens have come together to sing praises in reverence of Shri Krishna.

Smt Hema Malini, a virtuoso in Indian classical dance, a performing artist par excellence, a much sought after actress, a successful entrepreneur and public figure has found a new love and joy in singing & she is currently pursuing devotional singing with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. She finds great joy, peace and redemption in singing the Lord’s praise and chanting mantras. Smt. Hema Malini is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Shri Shankar Mahadevan is already an established and eminent singer of our country and is most renowned for beautiful singing and chanting.

Bhajan Ratna Shri Kavi Narayan Agrawal says “Beautiful, soulful bhajans. These melodies will add to your festive spirit and light your homes with devotion, love and happiness”

Smt Hema Malini says “Radhe Radhe! I wish you all a very happy Holi. On the occasion of Holi, I have sang two songs which are written by Kavi Narayan Agrawal and music by Vivek Prakash. I am more than happy to sing these two beautiful songs, especially the one with Shankar Mahadevan. It is my honour to work with him. I would like to congratulate and thank Zee Music who is releasing the songs. Be safe!”

Shri Shankar Mahadevan says “Jai Shri Krishna and Radhe Radhe and I wish you’ll a very Happy Holi. This Holi is very special for me because I have sang a song written by Kavi Narayan Agrawal and music by Vivek Prakash releasing under the banner of Zee Music. However, this song is further special for me because I am singing the song with legendary Hema Malini ji and she has sung the song so beautifully. I hope you’ll like this rendition. It is a Holi special song. Stay safe!”

Shri Vivek Prakash says “My warm wishes to all the people who have worked in these two bhajans. Happy Holi to all”

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