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Prostate enlargement gets innovative treatment method, Moses Laser Technology

 Prostate enlargement gets innovative treatment method, Moses Laser Technology

A live surgery performed at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur during APAC Moses master campaign conference

Bengaluru, May, 2021: Today our healthcare industry is scaling new heights owing to various innovations the sector. From technology to new treatment methods, there are new advancements in the healthcare science every day. The APAC Moses master campaign conference which was held virtually was a stage to showcase technological advancements in the medical field. From IndiaDr. Manohar. T, Chief Urologist, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur (A unit of Manipal Hospitals) performed a live surgery demonstrating Moses technology (MOLEP) to treat prostate enlargement. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur is the first hospital in India to treat prostate enlargement using Moses technology and has completed more than 100 surgeries using this innovative technique.

In Covid times, this new laser treatment has come as a boon to patients suffering from prostate enlargement or kidney stone as it reduces the hospital stay and the surgery time. It can be performed as a day care procedure in many cases.

A live surgery session was performed by Dr. Manohar. T, Chief Urologist to exhibit the efficiency of this treatment method. Kalpesh (name changed), a 72 -year-old person suffering from prostate enlargement underwent this surgery at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur. Kalpesh was treated for prostate enlargement 10 years back using a conventional method. But recently, Kalpesh started to develop symptoms of urine blockage and hernia. During the consultation he was again diagnosed with prostate enlargement which required immediate surgery.  Understanding the efficiency, precision and better results of this laser treatment, this time Kalpesh agreed to undergo the prostate surgery using moses technology.

What is Moses technology?

Moses technology uses high power holmium laser (120 watt) to perform endourology procedures more efficiently. Here small internal endoscopes are used to remove stones, faster and more efficiently. The laser pulse can reach farther distance and deliver enhanced energy which may decrease blood loss and operating time. Also with this technology prostate of any size can be treated and the procedure will be painless. This technology will help people who are suffering from conditions related to cardiac problems or those on blood thinners.

Speaking about the procedure Dr Manohar T, Chief Urologist, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur (A unit of Manipal Hospitals) said “The benefit of this procedure is that there is only 0.1% possibility for reoccurrence in 10 years whereas it is more that 15% in 5 years in conventional method. Also, the person’s age is not a constraint. This technology is a paradigm shift in transforming the treatment methodologies and has proven to be efficacious and safe to treat the prostate condition. Though there are various other laser treatments available to treat prostate enlargement, Moses laser treatment works efficiently due to its high power and the patient can be discharged on the same day catheter free”.

Prostate enlargement is one of the common problem faced by many men in their old age. BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) which is non-cancerous occurs when the cells of the prostate gland begin to multiply.  These additional cells may lead to the enlargement of the urethra that might block the flow of urine. Though this condition is completely different from prostate cancer, prostate enlargement can affect the quality of life.

Doctors from Japan, China, Korea and India presented cases from their respective countries. Healthcare professionals and doctors from across the world participated in the conference and witnessed the latest innovations in the healthcare sector.

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