• May 28, 2022
 National Doctors day on 1st July, 2021,| CONFLUENCE- 1 | Group show by 27 Doctors

From: 1st to 31st July 2021

La Aartemisia

Studio and Gallery presents


The Brush Meets The Lens

A Group show by Doctors curated by Sanjukta Arun

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“Primum non nocere” (“first, do no harm”) one of the promises in The Hippocratic Oath, is the oldest binding documents written by Hippocrates, which is considered highly sacred within the Medical fraternity Doctors have been healers since decades, working selflessly. And even today they honor their oath for service towards humanity

During the dark times of this Pandemic, doctors and all the frontline healthcare workers have selflessly been working, giving their all into battling the devastating Covid-19 Virus. While putting their own as well as their loved one’s lives at risk, they have saved the lives of several millions of people around the globe. The sacrifices that they have made and the determination with which they fight this battle everyday deserves our lifelong gratitude. We truly admire their invaluable contribution. To the real heroes, thank you for dedicating yourself and committing to the service, safety and wellbeing of humanity.

However, doctors too need to be away from the stress of their everyday hectic schedules from time to time and relax. Some take to Music, and Art, while come take to Photography, Travel and Cookery to name a few genres.

In celebration of National Doctors day on 1st July, 2021, CONFLUENCE- 1, is one of the very first online exhibitions to be held in this country to honor and acknowledge the brave doctors for their selfless service.

It would be a great occasion for doctors to showcase their creative and artistic talents on this day, as it celebrates the unmatched dedication of medical practitioners around the world,

Throughout this show one will be able to see the truly exquisite works created and captured by each participating doctor. We have 27 eminent and accomplished Indian doctors from different parts of India and the UK taking part in this exhibition, which will be showcased on the web portal of La Aartemisia (Studio and Gallery) and curated by Sanjukta Arun, who herself is an acclaimed artist, curator and founder of the Gallery.

La Aartemisia founded in the year 2002, is a platform to propagate and promote Artists across the globe. It is a meeting point to Celebrate Art and their Creators. It is La Aartemisia’s endeavor to bring together Art lovers, Art connoisseurs, Art collectors, buyers and Artists under one single roof. Sanjukta Arun feels that Art and Artistic expression cannot be confined to any boundaries, its reach is vast and boundless.

Through this exhibit La Aartemisia believes that it would allow doctors to step out of their scrubs and express their creativity. We hope to make this art show a pleasant as well as memorable experience for the doctors as well as our viewers.

LIST OF DOCTORS:  Dr Ashok Karad, Dr Ismat Gabula, Dr Devyani Parikh, Dr Ali Tunkiwala, Dr Ian D’Souza,            Dr Udatta Kher, Dr Amaey Parekh, Dr Sumedh Pacharaney, Dr Devyani Wagle, Dr Sanjay Y  Kulkarni, Dr Dipti Desai, Dr Shriram Upadhyay, Dr Ashwin Vaidya, Dr Yatin Desai, Dr Sadhana Kala, Dr Neerja Chandra Peters, Dr  Sachindeep Singh, Dr Chandrima Banerjee. Dr Bhupendra Manocha, Dr Sushmita Banerjee, Dr Susupta Chaudhury, Dr Jayati Sen, Dr Shailaja Karki,       Dr Narayan Venkatraman, Dr Mohammed  Ali,  Dr Priya Krishnamurthy, Dr Sumohan Chatterjee

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