• January 18, 2022

Master becomes Vijay’s fifth film to cross Rs 150 cr, revives box office in Tamil Nadu, Kerala

Master has grossed more than $4.6 million in the five-day opening weekend in the overseas territories.

Tamil Superstar Vijay’s Pongal release Master has given the much-needed push to the crumbling theatrical business in India. The film amassed more than Rs 160 crore(gross) at the worldwide box office in the five day opening weekend and has become the numero uno movie globally. The box office numbers of Hollywood films are on the lower side mainly because audiences in the USA, the biggest contributor of their theatrical business are not showing much interest to visit theatres due to the pandemic.

Even in India, the theatrical business scene wasn’t that encouraging before Master. The Telugu language film Solo Brathuke So Better is the first bonafide hit in India ever since theaters reopened after the lockdown. However, the Telugu film’s collection was not enough to boost the theatrical market so everyone in the trade had eagerly waited for a biggie like Master to revive the business. Fortunately, Vijay’s film has given them hope by registering phenomenal numbers in most of the territories.

In Tamil Nadu, the film grossed around Rs 82 crore (approximate) in the first five days. Tiruppur Subramanian, the President of the Tamil Nadu Theater Owners and Multiplex Association says, “The numbers are beyond our expectations. Despite the mixed reviews, audiences are loving the film. We thank actor Vijay for patiently waiting for more than ten months to release his film only in theatres. The Master team is also reaping the profits and enjoying the benefit of a massive theatrical release. In Tamil Nadu, Master is the first big theatrical release after the lockdown. In Kerala, theatres reopened with Master. The theatre-going audiences in the Telugu states and Karnataka are also excited for Master because it’s the first biggie in the last ten months. In most of the areas in Tamil Nadu, Master is scoring on par with Vijay’s previous hit Bigil.”

In Tamil Nadu, Master’s co-producer Lalit Kumar has released the film in most of the areas. “The own release strategy is a big advantage for Lalit Kumar. He has hit the jackpot for sure,” says trade analyst and producer Dhananjayan.

Please note that a few theatres in Tamil Nadu allowed 100 percent occupancy despite the strict Government order. The local police have filed cases against those theatre owners who screened Master with more than 50 percent capacity.

Kerala, which is considered to the second home ground of Vijay has also contributed around Rs 8.5 crores in the first five days. The Karnataka distributor has recovered around 80 percent of his investment in the first five days. Master grossed more than Rs 13.5 crores in Karnataka.

The biggest surprise for the team Master is the incredible numbers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The film has reached break-even status in just three days in the two Telugu states. The film has now entered into the profit zone for Mahesh Koneru, the distributor of the film. The local trade says that within five days, Master has been promoted to the super hit verdict by the trade and as the weekday performance is quite good, they are expecting more profits in the coming days. In the first five days, Master registered more than 20 crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In the domestic market, the Hindi dubbed version failed to attract audiences but the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film have performed well in North India. The Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi versions contributed nearly Rs4 crore in the northern territories.

Malaysia is the biggest overseas market for Tamil films but unfortunately, theatres are closed in the country so it has become a big miss for the Vijay starrer.

However, Master has performed well in most of the overseas territories where the distributors had the opportunity to screen the film. In Australia, the film has crossed the 700k A$ mark on its sixth day.

In UAE, Master outperformed Wonder Woman 1984 (opening) by grossing $1.23 million. If we also consider the Middle East countries, the film has crossed the $ 2 million mark. In Singapore, the film has grossed more than $1 million and as usual, the numbers from Sri Lanka are also on par with any other Vijay film in the past.

From the available numbers, Master has grossed more than $4.6 million in the five-day opening weekend from the overseas territories.

The producers of Master have also officially announced that their film globally ranks #1 in the opening weekend. Master‘s opening weekend gross is around $23 million, which is higher than the Chinese film A Little Red Flower ($11.75 million) and thus, entered into the coveted club. Thanks to the pandemic and crazy movie-going culture in South India, Master has now become the first Tamil film to be ranked number one in the global box office charts for its opening weekend.

Trade sources also say that many producers are now willing to take the extra risk to release their films in theatres after witnessing the massive opening of Master.

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