• January 20, 2022

KSA postpones Payyade Memorial football tourney

Mumbai: The Karnatak Sporting Association (KSA) has taken a wise decision to postpone the ‘Silver Jubilee’ edition of the 25th Shri Ramanath Payyade Memorial Football Tournament, which was scheduled to kick-off on Saturday at the KSA ground, Cross Maidan, Churchgate end.

Jaya A. Shetty, Joint Hon. Secretary, KSA informed that the Managing Committee took the decision to postpone the tournament.

“The Covid-19 pandemic situation is currently witnessing a steep rise in the positive cases in the city and it would not be safe for the young players to travel for their matches. Taking this aspect into account the Managing Committee unanimously decided to postpone the tournament till further notice,” Shetty mentioned.

“Since this is the ‘Silver Jubilee’ edition of the tournament we were all looking forward to conducting it in a big way. All the participating teams were also eagerly looking forward to playing in the tournament which is played on a league basis. But due to the circumstances we cannot help, but delay the start of the tournament,” Shetty added.

Shetty assured all teams that once the situation improves and it becomes safe for the player the tournament will commence.

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