• December 1, 2021

Karan Johar’s mom was worried when he signed up for the Bigg Boss OTT

This was the advice from Karan Johar’s mom before he signed up for the show. Read to know more

The bond between Karan Johar and his mother is aww-dorable.. it makes you want to hug your mother immediately and express your feelings to her. When Karan was approached for the show, he was shocked, but his mom was speechless and was not sure of him taking it up. But we are all aware that both mother and son are diehard fans of the show. So, Hiroo aunty decided to take matters in her own hands and lend some advice to our host.

Yes, you heard it right. She told Karan to ‘watch what you say, who you say it to and when you say it.’ Now that’s some good advice. But do you think Karan will manage to live up to his mom’s expectations. Well, only time will tell!

You know what would be even better, if we would get to watch a fun and lovely banter between the dynamic mother and son duo on national television. What do you say?

Watch the drama unfold on Voot from Monday to Sunday @7PM & LIVE 24*7 all day.

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