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‘HOTELIER 50’ Programme, a Silver Lining for Hospitality Students and Professionals – HKG Daily News, Online News Portal in India- HKGDailyNews.com
  • The Yummy Idea in collaboration with Roseate Hotels & Resorts launches the HOTELIER 50 Program. EHL Advisory Services is a knowledge partner for the HOTELIER 50 Program which prepares top calibre talent pool for Industry recruiters to hire from. Innovation in Hospitality Industry: The Yummy Idea App makes talent acquisition simple and effective for organisations by replacing traditional CV with innovative E-profile Solutions

  • TYI also has its industry supervised TYI Academy which gives soft-skill training modules where industry experts teach entry-level employment skills to graduating students

Delhi, India: The Yummy Idea (TYI), has introduced a unique e-profile solution to help budding hospitality professionals (students) to find placement opportunities. The platform provides an innovative module that will help students showcase their entire learning journey at college and other professional experiences to recruiters in a professional manner. The e-profile is a social professional account of the student that highlights his/her hard skills as well as their soft skills. TYI has built an extensive network of hospitality recruiters where it sends certified best match profiles directly to them, thus saving their time and effort that goes in hiring the right candidate.

Currently, recruiters go for talent acquisition with an aim of finding an agile & multi-talented workforce, who can add value to the organisation. However, the hospitality industry is facing challenges to find the right talent that is in tandem with global standards of operations. To bridge this skill gap, The Yummy Idea has designed the most comprehensive program of ‘HOTELIER 50’ for fresh hospitality graduates featuring the Brand “YOU” program designed by the knowledge development arm of the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne (EHL) Education Group – EHL Advisory Services and an opportunity to train at India’s leading 5-star luxury hotel brand Roseate Hotels & Resorts in order to make candidates, industry ready and future proof.

Speaking on the launch of the online platform, Tushar Garg, Founder and MD of The Yummy Idea said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce our partnership with Roseate Hotel & Resorts & EHL Advisory services for this one-of-kind module. Today, all organisations and companies have different industry norms, new ways of operating and especially after COVID-19, and the technological revolution has allowed industries to take a deep dive into their working methods, this has resulted in developments in their hiring strategy The Yummy Idea e-profiling solution along with modules for soft-skill development will not only aid the complete digitisation of the placements and recruitment process, but also, address major factors that lead to low employability percentage of students. There is a prevalent gap between the industry demands and students fail to meet the pre-placement expectations. Our industry needs a pipeline of diverse leadership talent, and that’s what this program will achieve!

Having E-Profiles with triple certification as a part of this program are the proof points of open source contributions, creating ‘Experienced Freshers’ with their evidence of learning graphs on the app will allow recruiters to trust the candidate and get a more detailed insight into h their work capabilities. Along with this, a person who acquires the certification demonstrates an investment in themselves and a keen desire to keep learning, with our innovative E-Profile one can vouch for the learning experiences in real time.”

HOTELIER 50 – The 3-month comprehensive program allows students to build a heightened sense of self-awareness, improve their interpersonal skills, be a part of mock interviews by industry experts, prepare for an elevator pitch on a platform that allows them to showcase their skills. The digital format of a candidate’s E-profile, will help recruiters judge the intangible aspects of their skills and make informed decisions for their future workforce. The students with 45 hrs of online training along with their soft-skill development then will head for On-The-Job training for 4 weeks at Roseate Hotels & Resorts, where every student gets a mentor for their respective departments, including Food Production, Room Service, Front Desk and Food & Beverage.

Talking about the partnership Mr. Kush Kapoor (CEO, Roseate Hotels & Resorts) added, “Apart from being an opportunity, this is a vision of a journey in luxury for future leaders through a repertoire of knowledge and training. Roseate Hotels & Resort is excited to collaborate with The Yummy Idea team in providing students this much awaited platform. We are certain that this programme is set to re-imagine and re-define the academic space by delivering dynamic world class personnel ready to take on any role in the hospitality industry.”

Talking about the partnership Mr. Kanav Mata (Lead People & Process Development, EHL Advisory Services – India and South Asia) added, “A heightened sense of self-awareness today lays the foundation for personal and professional development. EHL Advisory Services is pleased to be the knowledge partner for the Brand “YOU” Program with The Yummy Idea to bring to students and young professionals the opportunity to discover their authentic self through the Brand “YOU” Program. Humans survive and thrive on interactions with people. If students and young professionals today can understand and internalize their strengths, developmental areas, communication style and preferences, not only are they unlocking the key to their continued success, but also appreciating the differences that exist in varying personalities and adapting accordingly.”

The aim of the entire program is to provide the Industry with a pool of the best 50 ‘experienced freshers’ with tangible learning outcomes that will reflect on their E-profile in form of Skill Matrix at each stage along with technical skills. The focus is to create a future workforce with an Industry ready mindset and prepare them with basic entry level-employment skills.

Speaking on the occasion, Radhika Garg, Co-founder, The Yummy Idea, highlighted, “We are very excited to have partnered with the best in the hospitality industry. There is a huge gap in the hospitality industry skilling system due to traditional ways of education of imparting knowledge. It is persistent that fresh graduates find it difficult to showcase their college learning in words to recruiters. For budding entrepreneurs it’s time to bury the old tradition CV template and it’s time to dirty their hands with ‘On the Job Training’ experience and nurturing their soft-skills like mock interviews, communication & presentation skills along with their skill matrix (given by trainers) which provides recruiters with a tangible proof of students’ learning. HOTELIER 50 is not just a certification, but the real environment to provide candidates with life-changing scenarios and allowing them to evidence and experience real-life situations.

It takes great vision to create a holistic ecosystem for the hospitality industry and leverage technology to provide better learning outcomes. Through this initiative, we aim to provide a solution for skilling and employability to budding professionals.”

About The Yummy Idea: Established in May 2020, The Yummy Idea (TYI) is a unique platform that bridges the decade long gap between Industry, Students and Academia. It is first of its kind tangible tool for students to enhance their learning under the guidance of industry mentors. TYI process allows students to embark upon their professional journey from early days of college.