• October 22, 2021

Grand Lisboa Palace to have Michelin-starred chef at the Portuguese restaurant

The soon to open Grand Lisboa Palace Hotel will have a Portuguese restaurant with a Michelin gastronomy guide confirmed Angela Leong, co-chair of SJM’s parent company. She also informed that the new hotel is expected to open in the first half of 2021.

“I can tell you that we’re going to have a restaurant with Portuguese food and a very popular chef from Portugal. I’m not going to make his name known yet, but if he says his name in Portugal, everyone knows who he is. It’s still a mystery, and then it’s going to be a surprise”, said Angela Leong, who hopes to surprise Portuguese and locals who like Portuguese food. “We want to surprise all Portuguese people and citizens who like Portuguese food”. She promised, “It’s going to be a restaurant with great food.”

The identity of the chef remained secret, but she pointed out that the chef was distinguished by the Michelin brand guide and that his name is well known in Portugal. However, the co-chairman of SJM’s parent company acknowledged that the outbreak could cause the opening of the restaurant to be postponed. “Due to the outbreak of the disease, the chef has yet to arrive in Macao. He is currently in Portugal, but she made it clear that after the outbreak, he will return to Macao to run the restaurant.

Macao is recognized by UNESCO as one of Asia’s leading culinary destinations for its 400-plus-year-old Macanese culinary heritage and emerging status. This UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy is home to a number of internationally renowned chefs as well as some of the world’s finest and most imaginative restaurants.

When it comes to unprecedented innovative dining experiences (and similarly high consumer expectations), Macao’s culinary scene is full of inventiveness. Many of the region’s chefs are now putting their skills to work to encourage healthy eating in an unexpected, upscale way that appeals to both local and tourists.

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