• October 28, 2021

goEgoNetwork becomes India’s first EV charging company with complete OCPP certification

goEgoNetwork is now the first and the only Indian company to be fully OCPP 1.6 (Open Charge Point Protocol) certified in providing standard, reliable and hassle-free electric vehicle charging solutions. The certification gives businesses and city municipalities the confidence that there are proven solutions in the market to accelerate EV adoption, alongside raising trust among EV users.

Walking alongside international majors with a similar certification – goEgoNetwork is the only ‘Make in India’ compliant EV-charging firm to receive the full-fledged OCPP certification, as communicated by the governing body at OCA (Open Charge Alliance).

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) – a global consortium of more than 220 companies active in the field of electric mobility, has an independent certification program for the test and compliance of Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – the de facto standard for electric vehicle charging station-network communication worldwide. For the independent testing of conformance, OCA has selected three test laboratories with five testing facilities located in Europe, North America and Asia.

The goal for Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is to offer a uniform solution for the method of communication between the Charging Station for EVs and the Charging Station Management System (CSMS). With this protocol, it is possible to connect any CSMS with any Charging Station, regardless of the vendor. A uniform standard prevents all kinds of coordination problems and is, therefore, an advantage for the whole electric vehicle market and to propel EV adoption on a large scale.

Realizing the OCPP 1.6 certification has been an ambition of every eMobility company that works with OCPP protocol. With such a certificate, vendors of OCPP compliant systems can now prove to their clients that their products’ conformance to the OCPP specifications has been approved by an independent test laboratory. Buyers of OCPP compliant products can easily check which products are certified and have been successfully tested for conformance to OCPP 1.6.

Speaking on the certification, Pravin Kumar, CTO & COO, goEgoNetwork, said, “At goEgo, we believe in international open standards such as OCPP, because it enables interoperability and accelerates mass EV adoption quicker. Thus, securing a certificate to prove the compliance to the standard is a great benefit for us, as well as for our potential customers – since they don’t have to test and validate our products separately. We’re super proud to become India’s first company to get certified for OCPP and we are committed to helping push the standards forward.”

About goEgoNetwork-Impactware Technology Solutions was started in 2019 by a group of sustainability enthusiasts with a drive to become the force of positive change that will fast-track the healing of our planet by transitioning customers towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. The name ‘Impactware’ is an idea integral to our vision of creating smart technology solutions through innovations in sustainable transportation and energy aimed at contributing towards a greener world.Our goal is to be the sustainable choice of a million people in our network by creating a fun, intelligent and reliable EV charging network that is easily accessible to everyone with a hassle-free experience. We believe that our vision to bring smart technology to the masses will need coordinated efforts with all players in the space including concerned government bodies, infrastructure providers, electricity distributors and component manufacturers. We are committed to be the pioneers in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem in India and neighbouring international markets by providing a hassle-free and dependable 360-degree charging solution.

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