• October 28, 2021

For a Style Infused Soirée, Drivers from Language Shoes

Language Shoes, a leading international leather shoes and accessories brand, presents all-new Drivers for Men to add a touch of flair to your casual chic ensemble. If you don’t have a pair, you assuredly need some to effortlessly cruise through the day.

Language Shoes has a firm belief that the art of shoemaking is a fine balance of three qualities – how it looks, how it feels and how long it lasts. To ensure that only the best goes into the making of any Language Shoes product, most of the raw materials are produced in-house. The tanneries produce the finest leather, while the factories make the uppers and soles with meticulous care. The Drivers from Language are all handmade, leaving little to no room for crafting anything less than perfect. This commitment to the handmade craft lies at the heart of Language’s story, a commitment that spans over four generations.

Language Shoes offers Indian men handmade Drivers shaped from premium suede leather with rubber-grommet soles, assuring comfort within luxury. Drivers from Language are true moccasins that have the original mid-century features, tweaked with modern flourishes making them the perfect off-duty shoe.

Watch Drivers are a versatile and comfortable pair for your casual outings be it a brunch or a soiree to end your day. These drivers are a combination of suede and grain leather, saddle detail & rubber sole that helps you to be on your feet all day. The Alfred Drivers are designed to be a head-turner, crafted from authentic suede leather and elevated by traffic-stopping colours. Make a fashion-forward statement with the Alfred Drivers.

The Code Drivers are a stunning pair that appreciate comfort with an absolute balance of style. Hand stitched with fine grain leather, rubber sole for your everyday use. Last but not the least, to give people something to talk about, with the Reggie Drivers. Made with soft suede and designed with metal trims, the Reggie Drivers imbue the spirit of adventure into your lifestyle.

Explore the range of Drivers from Language Shoes at its exclusive brand outlets in Chennai and Hyderabad and in more than 200 multi-brand outlets across the country, at Viz., Metro Shoes, Mochi, Inc.5, Centro, Atesber, and Regal Shoes. You can shop the collection online at www.languageshoes.com and amazon.in . The price range starts from Rs. 5290/- onwards.

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