• May 23, 2022
 Ethnicity Launches the “Joy of Getting Dressed” Campaign

Starting afresh in 2021 is the mantra Ethnicity has officially embraced and are ready to transform the vibe this season to that of Joy!

Ethnicity brings to you their newest campaign – “The Joy of Getting Dressed”; aimed to get India ticking again and that too in style. Steadily recovering in the aftermath of Covid19, the campaign brings forth a much needed sense of normalcy by reinforcing the concept of “enclothed cognition”. This phenomenon states that our outward appearance affects our image as perceived by others, however the benefits that it has on our own psychological wellbeing is profound!

Speaking about their newest campaign Mr. Ameet Panchal, CEO of Ethnicity Retails says “We wanted to make our customers feel safe and welcome at Ethnicity stores, moreover we want them to indulge in the therapeutic experience that shopping also represents. To overcome the unprecedented year 2020 was for everyone the world over, we need to practice self-care and what better than by indulging in some retail therapy! Let’s bring back that joy associated with shopping and getting dressed up. Spread the Cheer, it is contagious!”

Our patrons are the essence of Ethnicity and the positivity our customers derive by shopping from us is what drives us to consistently deliver our best.

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