• October 18, 2021

Digital technologies to help R&D departments of Pharma companies foster better problem solving and innovation

R&D departments of Pharma companies with large value-creation opportunities or idea generations need to digitalize their entire value-chain. Large cross functional processes like New Product Lifecycle Management, Annual Product Quality Reviews etc. involve substantial scope for digitization to make it more efficient, error-free and automated. Analytics and proactive nudges enable better decision making and improve transparency across multiple teams who depend on critical information access to execute their processes. Building digital platforms that cater to the need of bringing process, people and data together help improve speed of execution and engage people in a free flow ideas, fostering better problem solving and innovation.

With multiple systems of execution across manufacturing, quality and supply chain, there is a heightened need for platforms that bring aggregate information, enable collaborate and facilitate timely decisions. Creating an entire new software is too costly, time consuming and delays the go to market need of the drug. There is a need for pharma firms to adopt to new age applications and tools to help pharma companies take competitive positioning.

But, can this be done at an affordable price and quick turnaround time?

Indium Software’s low code application, using Mendix, helps pharma firms to have One click deployment and help deliver digital solutions 50% earlier than expected.

Based on the above context, Mr. Arun Sampath, Associate Vice President, Indium Software & Mr. Md Nasrullah Khan, Associate Director – Digital Transformation at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, would like to share insights on the following:

  1. Need for Pharma company to go for Digital Transformation

    1. Use of low code application to reduce the cost of digitalization and at more than 50 % of the regular time taken

    2. What is the loss that a pharma firm could face in the absence of such a solution

    3. How the entire drug development cycle time could be reduced because of such apps

  1. Indium has already implemented this solution @ Dr. Reddy’s

    1. Dr. Reddy’s CTO can highlight on:

      1. Insights on ongoing projects.

      2. Why they chose Indium Software?

      3. In the absence of such an App, what are the challenges that Dr. Reddy’s Lab will face?

      4. How has this helped with less cost and faster go to market?

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