• October 17, 2021



Unlock the secret to glowing, radiant skin with an all-new plant-based skin supplement 

India’s undisputed personalized beauty brand, Bare Anatomy launches their Beauty Collagen Builder for radiant, glowing and supple skin. Offering a clean, wholesome approach to boost collagen synthesis compared to animal-derived varieties, this supplement is 100% vegetarian, sugar, gluten and soy-free. With 10.4 gms of protein per serving, it is scientifically formulated to replenish collagen in the skin which is lost due to sun damage, unbalanced diets, pollution and aging. It is rich in pro-collagen nutrients- Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C along with highly bioavailable natural proteins for that healthy, radiant skin.

Available in two delicious flavours – Rich Chocolate & Swiss Vanilla, this high-performance supplement is easily digestible and leaves no fishy after-taste. Collagen is the most abundant structural protein which makes up to 60-75 % of your skin. It is what keeps the skin tight and firm. As we enter our 20s, the body’s ability to synthesize collagen decreases and it’s production starts depleting. As a result, skin becomes saggy, develops wrinkles and starts to age. Bare Anatomy’s beauty collagen builder boosts collagen synthesis in the body to reverse these signs and give you radiant, glowing skin. The new Beauty Collagen Builder by Bare Anatomy emerges as the most credible solution that improves skin elasticity, fades dark spots and boosts skin texture by stimulating collagen.

 To keep your skin problems at bay, fortify your skincare routine with the Beauty Collagen Builder, to feel beautiful from inside and get visible, long lasting radiance on the outside.

 Price: INR 1495 (pack of 15 sachets)


Directions of use: Mix 1 sachet with 200 ml of your favorite drink until dissolved. For best results, consume daily for at least 3 months. 

About Bare Anatomy:Bare Anatomy is a premium, beauty tech brand with personalization at its core. Founded in 2018 by Rohit Chawla, Vimal Bhola and Sifat Khurana, the brand advocates the philosophy of ‘Beauty Inside Out’ – with its range of personalized and wholesome beauty solutions. Led by a team of industry experts, their range of hair care & skincare regimes are personalized to suit each customer’s unique goals, concerns and lifestyle. Their proprietary algorithm matches the customer’s goals with clean, effective ingredients to address their unique concerns. All products are freshly formulated in their state-of-the-art lab once customers place their orders. The brand also offers a range of bare ingredients and beauty supplements for overall skin and hair health.

To order their personalized products, customers must take a detailed analysis on the website and then place their orders. The brand is PETA certified, uses 100% safe and clean ingredients. Interestingly, the brand name is an amalgamation of Bare (meaning clean, honest) and Anatomy (indicating advanced science).

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