• October 26, 2021

At Sindhu’s birthday party

P V Sindhu celebrated her 26th birthday and took to social media to share pictures from nephew Aaryan’s third birthday celebrations.

Sindhu shared a couple of photos with the caption, ‘You’re one special little person with two cute little cheeks. Now you are 3 years old which is 156 weeks. Happy birthday to my baby boo who stole my heart. Love you my cupcake.’

Sindhu, who won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics, will hope to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics, which begins on July 23.

The government has sanctioned the purchase of advanced recovery equipment which will help Sindhu stay in best physical shape ahead of the 2020 Games.

The approval came within 24 hours of Sindhu’s request, the Sports Authority of India said.

‘The clearance was really quick, and I will be able to place an order and procure it in time to take it with me to the Olympic Games,’ the badminton ace said.

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