• October 28, 2021

An opportunity to earn some extra cash with Zingoy

Zingoy launches New Rewarding Feature for Its Users

 April 21, 2021: Zingoy, India’s highest cashback offers’ platform now introduces a new survey feature to its consumers. Recently the company launched its new feature. This unique feature offers consumers guaranteed earnings by participating in given online surveys. Over more than 30K consumers have been participated in Zingoy’s way to earn money online surveys so far & have earned assured rewards & gifts.

Zingoy has always been a platform where users can earn rewards and cashback in a variety of ways and now addition to this we are extremely elated to announce our new feature ‘The Survey’ on the platform. Our main goal to start a survey section on the Zingoy platform is to give the opportunity to our users to earn some extra cash by just participating and spending few minutes on the surveys. However, for this the user profile has, to be honest, to get considered for the survey” said Jimish Jobanputra (Co-Founder of Zingoy).

Once users answered all Questions being asked in online questionnaires the responses are recorded & converted as a transaction. Upon approval of the survey, earnings are tracked. Users can redeem their earning once it is validated. The more complete and honest updated users’ profile is, the more likely they receive surveys.

Zingoy being India’s best cashback and gift cards platform has also its own gift card facility through which users can purchase gift cards of other brands.

Zingoy also brings gift cards from various online as well as physical stores with instant cashback on them. Simply, browsing through the gift cards available on Zingoy, one earns some cash back on them, Presently, Zingoy brings a wide range of gift cards from over 1000+ Merchants and 300k+ Users.

The next unique offering by Zingoy is one can sell their unused gift cards directly on Zingoy. Simply by listing the gift cards under the correct store or brand, people can quote the price they want, and whenever someone shows any interest in their gift cards and purchases them, they get the money in their bank directly.

About Zingoy:Zingoy is a free online platform where you can earn easy and reliable cashback on all your online shopping and buy and sell gift cards.

Currently bringing you discounts and offers from over 200 stores including Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm, and BookMyShow; Zingoy offers you amazing cashback over and above those usual deals and discounts. With us, you can also earn cashback on your friends’ online shopping by simply creating your own Zingoy link for a store/ offer/ product and sharing it with them.

The platform provides discounts, cashback, and offers from over 200 stores including Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm, and Myntra. The best part is after saving money through deals and coupons, one can earn some fast and reliable cashback over and above these deals and coupons using the Zingoy platform.

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