• October 23, 2021

100 farmers from Konkan join hands with Global Kokan to launch country’s first mango-tech platform ‘Myko’

 100 farmers from Konkan join hands with Global Kokan to launch country’s first mango-tech platform ‘Myko’

Flagged off by former Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu, #farmertohome module to empower farmers by harnessing digital technology coupled with Kokan’s GI tag

March , 2021 Mumbai/Delhi: Myko, country’s first-ever mango-tech platform a global gateway for mango farmers from Konkan was launched today in the Capital by former Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu. The online platform http://www.mykofoods.comis a flagship project by Global Kokan which is a socio economic venture that promises to make Kokan Alphonso or ‘Hapus’ as it is fondly called, a global brand and make lacs of mango growers from Konkan self-sufficient. MyKo is a first-ever farmers start-up, supporting #farmertohome initiative that offers authentic, cultivation, harvesting, grading and packaging practice. MyKo Mango truly is of the farmer, by the farmer, for the farmer initiative!

“Our own developed produce needs to be identified with local GI tags. The produce just doesn’t need identification but also protection of our farmers, so as to offer them a fair and best possible deal for their year-long efforts. MyKo is one ambitious step towards it from the Konkan region. This global brand of Kokan Hapus should focus on exporting mango to European markets like London, Germany alongwith regional presence in domestic markets like Delhi, Gujarat, Banglore, Hyderabad”, shared former Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu under whose able leadership the GI tag for Alphonso was registered in the recent past. He was speaking at the national launch in New Delhi in the presence of Sanjay Yadavrao, Founder, Global Kokan and Advisory, MyKo Foods, women entrepreneurs from Konkan, Supriya Marathe, Rajashree Yadavrao and Sunayna Raorane – Co-Founders of MyKo Foods,  Kishor Dhariya, President, Hirwal Group and Deepak Parab, an entrepreneur from Konkan Agro Export.

“The main focus of MyKo by Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan & Global Kokan is to ensure that mango aficionado’s receive best quality, naturally ripened and GI-tagged mangoes from the Konkan’s mango belt like Devgad, Rajapur, Vijayadurg at best rates and help sustain lacs of mango farmers. We are looking at selling 1lac dozen mangoes overseas”, said Sanjay Yadavrao, Founder, Global Kokan and Advisory, MyKo Foods. Global Kokan spearheaded by him has been religiously encouraging exports and working towards creating awareness on how can consumers identify real Alphonso, why does a customer pay more for Alphonso variant of mango from Kokan, issues faced by the Kokan farmers during logistics and more.

Kishore Dhariya President, Hirwal Group, “MyKo, a social startup is ably supported by Mango Growers Association from Ratnagiri, Devgad, Kelshi who have come forward to take the responsibility of preserving the rich heritage of Hapus Mangoes and ensure the taste of real Konkan Hapus is spread across the globe.”

http://www.mykofoods.comis a first of its kind technology driven platform that connects farmers with consumers. In its 1st phase, it is bringing around 100 hardworking farmers from Konkan on its platform. Each box that consumers receive has a distinct QR code on it. In one scan, the story behind the boxful of mangoes will unfold giving you a insight behind which farm produce this box has been shipped from, when was it planted, who is the farmer and what goes into producing the king of fruits. MyKo thus intends to offer consumers a very emotional experience when you cherish the fruit. The GI tag for Kokan has further strengthened the quality of the produce that is obtained as a result of the farmer’s hardwork. Myko as a platform empowers farmers to make best use of technology to reach out to their direct consumers with the concept of #farmerstohome”, said Supriya Marathe, Co-founder, MyKo Foods, which is a women-led social startup.

Mango auction in Mumbai on 5th of March:As a first step towards the sale of mangoes by Myko, an auction of 10 MyKo Mango Boxes by Konkan farmers is been organized on 5th March 2021 in Mumbai in the presence of several farmers and mango grower organisations from the region. Registration & Pre-Bookings for consumers will start from 1st March and the sale for consumers flags off from 5th March.The event will be graced by several industrialists and other dignitaries.

Sanjay Yadavrao further adds “This year Global Kokan with MyKo also plans to export mangoes to London, Germany and other European markets”. The initiative is supported by Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB), mango cultivators and APEDA.

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